how long can you record video on a 8gb sd card

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In this video I talk about how big of an SD Card you need for your GoPro Camera in order to get the most out of it. I find that the only real two options.
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HTC Leo: HD2 > HD2 General. [Guide][Updated]What is HSPL, MAGLDR, cLK, and CWM, and how to install them.? What is. The rest of the guide. What is Clockwork .
8GB IN CAR Video Recorder 2 5" LCD DVR IR Night Vision Record.
1 Q. What does the CHDK program do? 1.1 Features: 1.2 Overrides: 1.3 Scripting: 1.4 Interface improvements: 1.5 Extra Video Features: 1.6 Apps and extras: 2 Q.
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Some video cameras have a file size limit of 4GB. The answer will also depend on what type of video you are recording. Standard video (TV resolution) will require.
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All over the web you'll find a variation of this question for installing Android Apps on the SD Card of the T-Mobile G1
Roughly, about 2 hours of straight video. I have read a few articles about the performance of SD Cards, and would like a more definitive answer. I am looking at.
Samsung W150F Smart Long Zoom 14MP Digital Camera with 8GB SD Card.
I'm getting a Kodak Z812 IS HD Digital Cam. I have a 2GB Standard SD Card, but I'm guessing that won't hold much video. I'm not even sure yet of how long of clips I.
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There’s possibly nothing more confusing than trying to buy a new SDHC card. Do you buy Class 2 or Class 6. Do you care about the “X” rating and should you pay.

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